Compare Renters Insurance Quotes for Best Coverage

Why Buy Renters Insurance?

Renters insurance quotes are hardly on the minds of many renters, but they should be. For starters, 70% of renters do not have renters coverage, and of those who do, it is likely that many of them don't think to compare quotes for the best price. The ugly truth is that the owner of the rental property has insurance on his property and the dwelling, but if you don't have renter coverage and there is a storm, fire, theft or other issue, you lose everything and have to replace it at your own expense.

The great news is twofold. First, insurance for renters is cheap, sometimes as little as $115/year. Second, getting renters insurance quotes in order to save even more is a piece of cake at netQuote. Fill out one easy form and you'll receive quotes from as many as five major insurance carriers. Then you can pick whoever offers you the best deal between coverage and price.

The real thing to know is that you need insurance when you are a renter. This is important if you a) like the things you have and b) don't want to have to pay out of pocket to replace everything if disaster should happen to strike. An even smarter prospect is to compare multiple renters quotes to ensure that the deal you take is the very best for you and your things.

See how easy it is to shop for and save on renters insurance -- get your free quote now.